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Child Nutrition

 Headstart / Child Nutrition Programs / Day Care

Our mission is to maintain the connection between sound nutrition and good health, and to strengthen the bond between good health and learning. Our commitment is to be value sensitive and provide the bond for learning with healthy, nutritious and quality meals.

Lindley Food Service takes great pride in providing nutritious meals to many Head Start Programs and day cares throughout the New England region. We follow USDA and CACFP guidelines to meet or exceed the individual nutrient needs.

We employ a full time Nutrition Compliance Director who oversees the menu writing and meal production.

Our commissaries are strategically located to serve these programs with fresh meals prepared daily.

In some of our facilities, the counts are sent over the same morning of delivery.

All meals served Family Style.

Our Menus Include the Following

• Seasonal food changes
• Cultural differences are taken into account
• New food items introduced
• Meals that include foods with different textures, shapes and colors
• Whole grain breads, cereal, and grain products frequently
• Items representing food sources of Vitamins A and C and iron
• Modification as necessary with a Doctors note to meet children’s special dietary needs (food allergies and intolerances)

Lindley Food Service understands “family style” service for the Head Start/Child Nutrition/Day Care Programs. Our menus are specifically designed to meet the special needs of the children in each particular age group. We strive to introduce home style variety of meals to help the child form good eating habits. Cookie-cutter school menu’s DO NOT meet these needs.

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